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TSP Lawns & Landscapes, Inc. is the best lawn care service in the Yorktown (Home office), Newport News, York County, Poqouson, and Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  Our companies lawn care services include: mowing, trimming services, edging, leaf and grass clippings removal, blower cleanup. Additionally we help improve or maintain the health of your lawn through aeration, De-thatching, fertilization, weed control programs, topdressing, spring & fall cleanup service, weed and pest control services.  Have the best lawn in town by requesting a quote from TSP.


Before and After lawn improvement results with TSP Lawns & Landscapes of Yorktown VA

Best Lawn Care service in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia - TSP Lawns & Landscapes, Inc.

A Health Lawn

The health of a lawn is largely determined by the care and feeding given. Among the services TSP Lawns & Landscaping recommend are:

Aeration is a process of plugging the lawn to get oxygen and nutrients deep into the soil. It should be done every two years unless your soil is particularly poor or compacted.

De-Thatching removes the interwoven leaves of dead grass that keep moisture and nutrients from getting through the growth of lawn. This can be done annually and depends on the density of the thatch buildup.

Fertilization is an important facet of routine maintenance. Many lawns benefit from a custom approach.

Pest and Weed Control in our climate is quite important. Very healthy lawns are the best deterent for infestation from unwanted growth called weeds. Pests can be looked at from the lawns point of view or from us humans. Lawns don't really care if the mosquitos or fleas are present. However an infestation of many fungi or bacteria will get the attention of the lawn and the homeowner.

Renovation of lawns with new planting and/or repair of lawn areas or plant beds is something that can make a great difference in homeowner pride and valuation of your property.

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