photo 2Outdoor Kitchens – Designs & Installation by TSP Patio

Be ready for a beautiful and functional Outdoor Kitchen from TSP Landscaping & Patio. We will design for you the perfect outdoor kitchen full of beauty and functionality to match your lifestyle and budget. You can rely on our expertise to give you the finest design and material selection for your new Outdoor Living Space. We can provide, make recommendations, and install all the best quality man made products and natural stone to help you achieve the look that best fits your taste and that compliments your home.


patio-under-constructionSome Design Tips

  • The Grill – And not just any grill. I know you’re thinking this is nothing new, but the grill can make or break an outdoor kitchen. If you like to grill steak then you should make sure your grill has infrared or searing burners to help sear in the juices. If you like rotisserie chicken, make sure your grill comes with a built in rotisserie.
  • The Fridge – Yes, there are refrigerators for the outdoors. Enjoying the outdoors goes best with a cold drink in hand. If you’re in a climate that has cold winters, be sure you get a fridge that can run year round. This can be an increase in cost so if you don’t want to spend the extra money just make sure you remember to unplug your fridge when it gets cold outside.
  • The Sink – A sink can be very beneficial if you’re planning on doing much food prep outdoors. It can be very annoying running dishes inside to rinse them off. You should note that most cities treat an outdoor sink the same way they do an indoor one. This means you must have proper plumbing including drainage that meets city code.
  • Lighting – A good portion of outdoor cooking will be done after dark. TSP specializes in landscape lighting that will insure your kitchen is well lit.
  • Electrical – At TSP we make sure you have a couple electrical outlets just in case you need to plug in that margarita mixer.
  • Location, Location, Location – I think this pretty much common sense, but you would be surprised. Here in Hampton Roads we make sure the location of your outdoor kitchen is close to the outdoor dining area or at least close to the back door of your house. You should also make sure you have plenty of room in your kitchen to move around; this includes counter top space and storage space as well. You can never have enough counter top or storage space. Make sure you have plenty of room to at least store dishes and utensils that only get used outdoors.
  • Shelter – Don’t let the weather determine when you can and can’t use your outdoor kitchen. At TSP LandscaYou can block the sun or rain by installing a pergola or pavilion over your kitchen.
  • Flooring – There are a several options for the flooring of your kitchen. AT TSP Landscaping & Patio we will want to make sure whichever option you choose offers good drainage and a slip-free surface. Paver patio are the most common flooring option.

150w-map-with-pinOur Service Area – TSP Landscaping – Grading – Patio

TSP Landscaping – Grading – Patio has been serving Virginia for over 15 years.  The services we provide for the communities in the area include; lawn care, grading, irrigation systems, patios & hardscapes,  outside kitchens, landscape lighting, fall cleanup, storm damage removal, snow removal, and much more!  Our service area includes the following Virginia communities:

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