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Custom Patios designs by TSP Landscaping of Yorktown VA - Custom designs - Williamsburg - Newport News
Spring - Fall Cleanup service - Yorktown area of Virginia
The lawn Mowing services are offered by TSP Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. Yorktown VA
Grading & Landscape Design by TSP Lawns & Landscaping Yorktown VA
Draining Systems by TSP Lawns & Landscaping - Serving the Yorktown area of Virginia
TSP Lawns & Landscaping of Yorktown Virginia now offers Swim USA Pools - Order your pool today!
Landscaping That Mean Business - Commercial landscaping by TSP Lawns and Landscapes of Yorktown Virginia
Top-Rated Landscaping In Hampton Roads Area

TSP Lawns & Landscaping is locally Owned. Our Mission is To Provided quality landscaping at an affordable price.

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Custom Patios & Walk Ways
Spring/Fall Cleanup Service
Mowing & Aeration
Drainage Solutions
Commercial Landscaping
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TSP Lawns & Landscapes Yorktown - Turn Your Outdoor Ideas into Reality!"

TSP Lawns & Landscapes, Inc. is one of the top landscaping companies  serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia for over 26 years.  TSP is considered one of the best lawn care service, and landscaping companies in the greater Yorktown area of Virginia - ZIP 23692.   Call 757-369-9076 to get Started.  Our top rated services include;

1) Lawn Mowing and lawn care service
2) Grading service both rough and final grade
3) Landscape Design Services & Installation
4) Irrigation systems
5) Drainage systems & Irrigation Solutions
6) Patio installation & Hardscape designs
7) Concrete and Paver Driveways
8) spring/fall cleanup, storm damage cleanup

Front Porch Patio by TSP Lawns & Landscapes of Yorktown VA
Walk Ways by TSP Lawns & Landscapes - Yorktown VA
Patio & Fire Pit by TSP Lawns & Landscaping - Yorktown VA
Custom Patios designs by TSP Landscaping of Yorktown VA - Custom designs - Williamsburg - Newport News
Custom Walkways
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Elevate Your Outdoor Living Style with a Custom Patio by TSP Lawns!

Craft your outdoor oasis with custom patios from www.tsplawns.com. Our dedicated team specializes in crafting personalized outdoor spaces that reflect your unique style and needs. Whether you desire a cozy nook for quiet moments or an expansive area for entertaining guests, we design and build custom patios to suit your lifestyle. With meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials, we ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your outdoor living experience and add value to your home with a custom patio from TSP Lawns. Visit our website or contact us today to schedule a consultation and bring your vision to life.

What Our Customers Say!

Mike Plessinger
Mike Plessinger
Great prices, Great service, and great people. TSP has always done right by me and so many of my friends and neighbors. I have referred them hundreds of times and I have never heard a complaint.
Brett Burks
Brett Burks
Poor services by how it’s ran
norbert simonnet
norbert simonnet
Do not use TSP. They mow the the next door neighbors lawn. They have been spraying down my garage door and expensive vehicles with rocks and debris from the weed wackers. The grass separating the driveways can easily be mowed and weed wacked without damaging anyone vehicles. I have called TSP and have now had to talk with the crew mowing the neighbors yard twice. The lack of care for other people's property and just in general lack of attention to detail is astounding.
Samantha Wood
Samantha Wood
I requested a quote from tsp and was promptly visited and given a quote. They allowed me to modify the requested items to make the service meet my current budget. On paper it was a simple task, clean the weeds out of my flower beds and trim the shrubberies, but it was overtaken with weeds and Bermuda grass. They initially scheduled work for one day but were unable to make it and updated me they’d be able to the next day. They showed up early, as I had to rush out the door for work, and I returned to a beautiful manicured landscaping. I am so thankful for the great work they did. I am scheduled to have hip surgery next week and never thought I’d have to hire someone to take care of my landscaping, but this experience has assured me that I can count on tsp for top notch work until I can recover (and maybe even after!). I’m looking forward to doing business and would highly recommend them. Edit: I used their services again and was a bit disappointed. Instead of removing weeds, they were trimmed and mulch was put on top of them, as a result, the weeds are already coming back through the mulch. They also didn't remove any weeds from the rock portions of my landscaping. And they trampled over my flowers, killing a portion of them, to put mulch in the one space. I wouldn't use them again.
Cindy Norge
Cindy Norge
I contacted TSP Lawns & Landscapes because our lawnmower broke. They came out within two days after I contacted Tye the owner. They did a excellent job. I highly recommend them if you are going on vacation or don't have the time to do your yard work...call them. They are very professional.
Hawk Mosley
Hawk Mosley
Very responsive, informative and I'd definitely use this company again!
Richard E
Richard E
I first became aware of TSP Lawns & Landscapes when they put down a new lawn in my neighbor's front yard a few years ago. I was impressed with their work. Since then, I've used TSP for several landscaping projects, including a major rework of the slope of the back yard where it borders on a small lake that involved removal of a lot of vegetation and brush. Most recently, I asked TSP to redo the front yard culvert retaining wall, which was very old and in poor condition. My wife and I decided to not go again with wood, but instead changed to Dublin retaining wall block at their recommendation. The result exceeded our expectations. We were very impressed with the installation crew, who kept us informed of their progress and did an excellent job of constructing the new wall. They also completely cleaned up the site and left it in better condition than when they started. I'd highly recommend TSP for the quality and value of their landscaping work.
Kimberly Poe
Kimberly Poe
My Grandmother had TSP do her lawn care for years! When she passed, they were phenomenal to me and my family! Tye and Hailey were "ALWAYS" there for me and even helped me when I was by myself and moving the contents from the house. I do not know what I would have done without them. Always professional and always there when you need them and their service and work is impeccable!!! You will not be disappointed.
Jenny Williamson
Jenny Williamson
Great job on our patio! Thank you for top notch crew!
Sherry Allen
Sherry Allen
We have had TSP Lawns and Landscapes do our entire landscape at our new build last year. They put in zoysia sod for our lawn. They also have mulched, mowed and planted things for us after our landscaping was complete. Tye and his crew are always professional and they clean up after themselves. Hailey is the office manager and she always gets back with me. I highly recommend TSP.

Landscaping Service by TSP Lawns & Landscaping - Yorktown VA

Landscaping Service

TSP Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. services include seasonal planting, lawn mowing, leaf removal, irrigation systems, patios & hardscapes, redefining plant beds to installation, spring - fall cleanup programs, removal of shrubs and trees – possibly a complete makeover of specific areas or the entire yard.

Hardscapes - designed and installed by TSP Lawns & Landscapes, Inc. - Yorktown Virginia

Patios & Hardscapes

A custom patio or Hardscapes is a place where you can relax, entertain, and escape from it all without leaving the comforts of your own home. Let TSP design a custom patio for your home or business.  Our design software gives you a visual look before we get started.

Grading Contractor - TSP Lawns and Landscaping - Yorktown Virginia


Our grading programs include what we call an initial and final grading for new homes, as well as dealing with re-grading for drainage correction issues.  Stone drainage ditches & retaining walls can be installed for excess run off.

Prestigious Turf Management - Lawn Care treatments - Yorktown VA

Lawn Care Treatments

Prestigious Turf Management is a lawn care company serving the Yorktown area of Virginia.  Prestigious offers two turf management programs which include a five and ten step application program.  A soil test is required!  Prestigious Turf also offers seeding & aeration, mosquito control, mole & vole treatments, and flea & tick treatment programs.

Draining Solutions ideas by TSP Lawn & Landscaping of Yorktown VA

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems by TSP offer the best in sprinkler system repair and installation in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  We also do additions to existing systems and modify, update your irrigation system, or flush the system for winter.

Professional Lawn Mowing by TSP Lawn and Landscapes of Yorktown VA


TSP Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. of Yorktown Virginia offers the typical mowing & trimming services. We help improve or maintain the health of your lawn through aeration, thatching, fertilization, topdressing, weed and pest control services.  Learn More...

Drainage system certification - TSP Lawns & Landscapes, Inc. Yorktown VA

Drainage Systems

TSP offers both a re-grading service as well as part drainage service; French drain design & installation, catch basins, downspout control, dry creek bed installation.  We have the equipment and know how to correct any drainage issue in the Yorktown area of Virginia.  Mike Berling at TSP Lawns is certified by NDS as a professional drainage contractor.  Learn More...

Concrete Driveways by TSP Lawns & Landscapes - Yorktown VA

Concrete Driveways

Our concrete contractor specializing in concrete driveways, tear out and replacement of residential concrete driveways.  We also off custom pavers as another solution to getting your driveway in perfect shape.  Learn More About Concrete Driveways...

Landscaping That Mean Business - Commercial landscaping by TSP Lawns and Landscapes of Yorktown Virginia

Commercial Landscaping

TSP Lawns & Landscapes, Inc. (follow us on Facebook) is a full-service landscaping company specializing in commercial landscaping, that has been serving the Yorktown area of Virginia for more than 20 years. Our services include landscape design and creation, hardscapes & patios, landscape maintenance, mowing, grading/drainage and irrigation systems.